Parking in the Area

First, the bad news: there is no parking lot. Now, know that usually there is ample free on-street parking nearby. This page will help you find it. The situation is usually only bad on the most popular Sundays such as Resurrection Sunday (Easter). There is another church (The Congregational Church of Park Manor) diagonally across the street from Kelly Woodlawn. They don’t have a parking lot either. On Resurrection Sunday . . . come early and pray hard (always recommended)!

Here are the available parking areas nearby arranged in order of desirability from best to worst. One caveat to keep in mind: King Drive is a thoroughfare; in winter it is a priority street for City of Chicago snow plows; there are posted signs along King Drive announcing no parking when there is more than two inches of snow.

  1. Northbound King Drive, 6900 block; just north of the church (make sure you are clear of the CTA bus stop in front of the church, a no parking zone); or if you see a spot in the 7000 block (just south of the church, before you get to the stop sign at 70th Street, take it; click this Google Maps link and receive directions from anywhere.
  2. Westbound 70th Street, 400 block; just east of King Drive; 70th Street is one-way going west (so you can park on either side of the street); approach from Vernon Avenue (one-way going south) or Eberhart Avenue (one-way going north); in terms of availability, this area is usually best; if you want your GPS to guide you to this area, use the (non-existent) address, 404 E 70th St, or click this Google Maps link and receive directions from anywhere. If you fail to find parking here, continue across King Drive on 70th Street and see if you can find a spot in the 300 block of East 70th Street (the stop sign at 70th and King Drive makes it easy to cross the street).
  3. Southbound King Drive, 6900 block; start looking midway in the block past 69th Street. If you fail to find a spot, when you get to 70th Street you can either:
    1. turn right onto 70th Street and look there (see the end of #2 above) or,
    2. continue along King Drive, looking in the 7000 block once clear of the CTA bus stop.

To navigate to the area described by #3 above: for GPS use the address, 6954 S King Dr, or click this Google Maps link and receive directions from anywhere. If you get confused on the local streets near Kelly Woodlawn, here is a scrollable, zoomable map showing all the nearby streets (click here for a more general map, click here for more general directions).

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Published by Keith Laten Williams

a Kelly Woodlawn church internet, social media and computing specialist