Quick info for tele-conferencing:

  • phone number: (267) 807-9495
  • access code: 332755651
  • problems: click here

Since 2014, Kelly Woodlawn Church has made use of a conferencing service called “” We use it for meetings, teaching and training and even as part of our Sunday worship service.

To join a Kelly Woodlawn tele-conference, call (267) 807-9495, listen to the information given and when prompted enter the access code (332755651) followed by the “#” (pound sign) on your telephone keypad. You will be connected into the conference call. Please note, conference calls may be recorded (for the purposes of providing for listening at a later time as well as for record-keeping. You will hear prompts telling you when a session is being recorded.

During a conference call, you may find yourself “muted” (others can not hear anything coming from your phone). This is often done by the host of the conference call to minimize distractions or interruptions. In some parts of a conference call, participation is possible or even encouraged. If you are muted and wish to participate, press the “*” (asterisk or star sign) on your telephone keypad followed by the “6” key on that keypad. If it is possible (the host may have disabled participants ability to mute/unmute themselves) the conference call will let you know whether you are now muted or unmuted. After unmuting, the same procedure (press the “*” on your telephone keypad followed by the “6” key on that keypad) will mute you again. If there is significant background noise please mute yourself to minimize the distraction to others.

Although our primary use is audio tele-conferencing. The service is capable of “Zoom” type video conferencing (we do not have a Zoom account, however) and can even aid in the production of videos through its screen sharing mechanism.