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Giving is a part of our worship; our way of showing God how grateful we are for all God has done for us. We celebrate as we give, because we know that we are helping to make God’s Kingdom come on earth, as it is in heaven. We are making righteousness, peace, justice and love visible in the world through the ministries we support. We are spreading the good news of the gospel and making a difference in the world. Some of our members have committed themselves to being tithers. That means they follow the Biblical mandate and give the first ten percent of all the income they receive to the church. We all work to cultivate a culture of generous giving at Kelly Woodlawn.

Come celebrate with us, in faith and make a contribution to Kelly Woodlawn Church. Fill an envelope when you worship in the building with us, mail a check or money order. Include a note on the memo line to indicate where you want the funds to go. We have also set up online giving (click the “Give!” button below). We realize that people may have questions about this relatively new form of giving, so we have tried to answer some of the most common questions about online giving here.

Please give from your heart, remembering, “you can’t beat God giving.” May God bless you and keep you strong, safe and healthy.

Beyond tithing, there are many other opportunities to give. Click this link to see.

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