Moments from Worship – May 3, 2020

The first song played by Mrs. Andrea D. was “The Lord Thy God.” We don’t have a good recording of that song, so in it’s place is a YouTube link of a beautiful rendition performed by (a performance selected by Rev. Sanders, no less) “The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.”

“The Lord Thy God” performed by “The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir”

The second song, also played by Mrs. Andrea D. was “God Never Fails.” I must confess, this song is a personal favorite. In place of a suitable recording of Mrs. Andrea D.’s inspiring rendition (more on that in a moment). I found a wonderful version on YouTube which I’ve linked to below.

“God Never Fails” performed by the Morgan State University Choir

After Mrs. Andrea D. rendition of this stirring song, Rev. Sanders remarked, “Praise God, that was the perfect song, because truly God never fails. He’ll be there, He’ll be there, you don’t have to worry, because God never fails. Thank you for reminding us, of that truth that you can stand on.”

The Holy Scriptures for the service were as follows:

  • I John 3:18-24
  • John 21:15-19
The Holy Scriptures read by Mrs. Lita M.

Rev. Sanders sermon dovetailed nicely with our Wednesday Bible studies. The topic involved forgiving one’s self. Please listen:

Listen to “The Heart of the Matter” preached by Rev. Dr. Michelle Taylor Sanders

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