The first hymn “I Will Bless Thee O Lord” was played by Mrs. Andrea D. We have a clip of Mrs. Andrea D. reading the lyrics to this song.

Lyrics to “I Will Bless Thee O Lord” read by Mrs Andrea D.

Here is a YouTube link of “I Will Bless Thee O Lord” (written by Esther Watanabe) performed by Fruition Music.

The Holy Scriptures for the service were from:

  • John 17: 13-21
  • Acts 2: 36-42
The reading of the Holy Scriptures by Mrs Deborah W.

The Hymn of Preparation was “Since Jesus Came Into My Heart” written by Rufus H. McDaniel. Before playing this piece, Mrs. Andrea D. read the lyrics. You may listen to them in the clip below.

Lyrics to “Since Jesus Came Into My Heart” read by Mrs. Andrea D.

Although we do not have her performance, you may listen to this YouTube link of a performance by Kaleb Brasee.

The sermon Rev. Sanders preached was inspired by tumultuous events which occurred during the first week in June.

“This is not a moment; this is a movement” preached by Rev. Dr. Michelle Taylor Sanders

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